About Us

Who We Are

The Silk Project is focused on providing natural silk accessories such as shawls and scarves with the best of quality and affordable prices to customers around the globe. In other words, we connect naturalist customers to naturalist farmers and silk weavers. The Silk Project was initiated in 2017 based in Toronto, Canada.

What we do

Silk Canada is quality oriented and seeks customer satisfaction. We help organic silk farmers and local silk weavers to connect to the massive market of naturalists and health enthusiasts to enjoy the great benefits that this natural fibre has to offer.

Why we do it

Silk shawls are soft, smooth while being versatile and very strong. Wearing silk shawls gives a modern and luxurious outlook to your outfit aside of its health benefits to your skin and body.

Worldwide Shipping

Free shipping to Canada and USA.
We also ship globally to almost all countries in the world.

Best Quality

We don't compromise on quality. We secure the most fairtrade contracts with Khorasan silk farmers.

Best Offers

We keep our prices low to ensure the best deal possible for both you, us, and farmers.

Secure Payments

We accept all majot credit cards and Paypal. Our gateways are encrypted and secured.